Charli D’Amelio Puts Rumors to Rest, Proving her Friendship with Avani Gregg is Unbreakable

Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg, two of the most prominent TikTok stars, have been the subject of rumors about their friendship. Fans speculated that they were no longer friends after Avani posted a TikTok video that some thought was a dig at Charli. Additionally, a separate post suggested that Avani was upset with Charli for not hanging out with her in Milan.

However, Charli has since put the rumors to rest. Despite the speculation, the two besties are still close, having been friends for years and even getting matching tattoos together. Charli has also defended Avani in the past, and their friendship appears to be unbreakable.

Charli took to Instagram to share a picture of a weighted stuffed elephant plush toy, a gesture that reassured fans of their bond. Despite all the hullabaloo, it is clear that these two TikTokers remain the best of friends, proving that their friendship is as strong as ever.

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